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BTSuite is a collection of softwares that collectively act as a graphical client to BattleTech MUXs: a HUD(BTHUD), a Map Editor(LandDesign) and a Navigation tool(Mapper).
Things that are considered(or are in progress):
  • Makeing the whole thing work together, in a much easier way.
  • Improving speed.
  • Getting rid of the need for scripting layer, which confuses many people.
  • (Hopefully) making it all work on Linux.
  • Integrate a stand-alone client.

18.10.2005  -  MySQL Update - Project Status
MySQL code and database has been updated to use SourceForge's new MySQL 4.1 service (great move indeed).

Also in news... I'm preparing to make a new release of btsuite that includes some changes such as:
  • Color changes according to elevation
  • A statusbar on HUD with status information
  • Better HUDINFO protocol support
  • ...

This release can be expected early November if not earlier.

26.05.2002  -  Files
File releases, or downloads, have been moved to SourceForge. You can reach them now by clicking on the "Download" link on the left, or by going to the project page.

25.05.2002  -  SourceForge Web
After the move of the BTSuite source to, now, the Web site has moved here too.

01.04.2002  -  SourceForge
The source tree has moved to SourceForge.