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There are some other clients/utilities written by other people, that are used for similar purposes. Below you will find a few.

MUSHClient by Nick Gammon
Written by Nick Gammon, this client is the best client available in my humble opinion. Both in aspect of speed, flexibility and usability, it is superior to many other clients. It has full ANSI color support, scripting (using MS Windows' internal scripting engine, supporting both VBScript and JavaScript, and also PERL in versions 3.0+), triggers, aliases, world-based variables and much much more. It is MUSHClient's scripting abilities that made the HUD possible as an add-on.

This is the client BTSuite's first version is based on.
Additional download: Zebellah Script

zMUD by Zuggsoft
Another great client, that is also commonly used. I dont prefer it, but this is personal preferance. Full ANSI support, internal scripting in its own language, triggers, aliases, world based definitions are among its features. It has also a SDK (Software Development Kit) to write add-ons. Michael Masters has written a COM interface for the latest zMUD version, that makes it possible to use BTSuite with zMUD too.
Additional download: Script for ZMUD to enable BTSuite (by Michael Masters)
Additional download: Another Script for ZMUD (by Momfer at 3030)

THUD by Tony( wizard at 3030)
This is a HUD completely written in java, so it works on a variety of platforms, including MS Windows, Linux(X11) and MacOS. Has auto-update capabilities, ansi support etc. It still is in development, so its a little slow as of now, but I'm sure it will be great.
Homepage: none

JavaHUD (Author unknown)
JavaHud is no longer supported. It is a simple client, written in Java, with no ansi color support, no triggers, no scripting, nothing, and relatively slow. However, it has a HUD (Head Up Display) that is also referred to as Radar, which shows terrain and contacts with their speed vectors. This is very useful. Unfortunately, it has some drawbacks, like being unable to save the map and having to scan the environment each time you get in RS.
Homepage: (seems to be down)
Additional download: JavaHUD version 2.1d

SimpleMU by Kathleen MacMahon
A client with ansi support and such stuff, but limited trigger / scripting capability. As far as I could see, the only nice thing about it is its @mail interface. A nice window with all the ordinary to:, bcc: subject: lines. If you have nothing else, give it a try.

TinyFugue by Ken Keys
This is a text-mode client originally for UNIX, but it has been ported to several platforms, including Win32. By its nature, it supports ANSI colors of course, gives a nice input/output interface. Also, triggers, scripting is supported. All in all, if you have to use a UNIX system, it is a must-have.
Additional download: tf-50b7.tar.gz - TinyFugue version 5.0 Beta 7
Additional download: TF BattleTech macros
Additional download: TF Radio Macros